Thursday, January 04, 2007

Catch-up kinda sounds like ketchup.

Anyway, I'm gona tell you what me and my family been up too since I closed my old blog so you can all catch-up.

Me and my girlfriend Tracy broke up because her and my exgirlfriend Sally got into what my big brother calls a cat fight, which doesn't make sense to me because they're not cats, so I guess he's going crazy!

My hamster Duckie is officially the oldest living hamster on the planet because they usually live to 3 and a half years old! The store where I brought Duckie from said he was 3 years old two years ago, which means he's 5 years old now, unless they sold me a guinea pig, but I'm sure he's a hamster because I never heard him go Oink.

Nadia and my big brother are engaged to be married next month, and she's pregnant! You wont believe how big her boobies got, but my moms are still bigger.

Mom and dad are doing ok, and my grandma rarely goes into her temporary comas since she found out that they want a divorce. I think mom kicked dad one to many times, but he has a big butt that reaches the back of his neck, so I'm sure it didn't hurt that bad.

Anyway, that's about everything that's happened since my old blog, everybody. And the reason why my blog has no comments is another story, but one day I'll tell it to you, unless my mom gets mad at me for writing about her boobies. I know she hates it when I write about her feet, but I love her!