Sunday, February 25, 2007

Big brother and Nadia got married!

Yesterday my big brother and my best friend Nadia got married, but I wasn't sure if it was gona happen since Nadia had some second thoughts. 15 minutes before they was suppose to get married I all of a sudden heard "Psst-psst," which made me scream, since I thought it was snake, but it was Nadia trying to get my attention, and she did. Nadia then said to me "RC, I'm not sure I can go through with this," so I said "Why? There's no snakes around," which made her laugh for some reason.
She then said to me "Make me laugh again," but I didn't know any jokes, so I jumped up and hit the ceiling, and she laughed, and helped me wipe the plaster off my head.

Nadia's dad then walked her back into a room, and I waved to her as I walked into a wooden Porta John, since I had to go. But when I sat down the seat had no hole, then someone said "What's troubling you son?" so I said "Dad?" He then said "No. What have you done?" so I said "Nothing. I'm getting dressed," he then said "huh?" since he probably couldn't go either, then played a joke one because he locked me in, but it didn't stink, so I was ok.

The wedding then started, so I opened a tiny curtain to watch it through the Porta John's door window, and it was beautiful. After the Preist said you may kiss the bride, my big brother did, and everybody cheered and followed them out of the church. I then felt sad that I couldn't be there to say goodbye before their honeymoon, but all of a sudden the door opened, and it was Nadia. She then took my hand, looked at me, and kissed me on the cheek. We then both walked out of the church where she said bye as we was getting hit with rice, and drove away in my big brothers Opel Kadet.

I'm happy that they're together, but also jealous for some reason. I just hope there's no snakes where they're going, and my big brother loves her as much as I do.


Blogger Vickie said...

Guess what you have not lost your friend you gained a sister---and now you can protect her even more. You sound very sad though where you just maybe in love with Nadia yourself?

You are such a sweet one :) Please take care and no matter what Nadia is very lucky to have your love---a friend or as more---she has a great brother-in-law.

You are special and I am so glad you are blogging again. I missed you.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Isabella said...

Congrats to your big brother, and welcome back, Rockchild!

7:26 AM  
Blogger Monika said...

RC, congrats to your brother and new sister in-law!

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Yay for Big Brother and Nadia - good luck to them, both - I'm glad that you are happy for them, even though he calls you, Dead Meat.

12:56 PM  

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