Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thinking about collecting Social Security

For months now I haven't found my first job yet! My last interview at a construction company called Manfreds didn't go to well. I should have ducked before walking through his office doorway, but thought I was clear. Now I know why they wear hard hats, because that hurt!

My big brother then told me to go collect my Social Security. So I went to my room and pulled out my card and said "Now What?" so he said "This," and smacked me on the head, so I put my card back. My big brother then said "I didn't mean that, George", but my name is not George, but I didn't tell him. He then said "You know where grandma's clothes is?" so I said "yeah, on her back," so he said "well take them and put them on, then go to the MP station to collect your Social Security," which sounded kinda crazy, because I would never strip her, so I went to her bedroom dresser and grabbed some clothes while she was in her temporary coma.

So tomorrow I'm going to the MP station dressed like grandma to collect my social security since he said that's the only way they would take care of me at their annual costume party, just wonder who's patroling the streets?

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday on YouTube

Have you ever thought about writing and singing a song called Chocolate Rain? Well Tay Zonday beat you to it! Better luck next time!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Like Beyonce, I fell on my face!

For the last few weeks it's been great with our street hockey team, not once did I get hit by a car, just my brothers hand off the top of my head after hitting him in the face with the puck, so we lost! Gota remember that move the next time I'm goalie.

Anyway, I fell down a flight of stairs like Beyonce, and I wasn't singing, but I did bang my head at the bottom. I'm not sure if she was distracted like I was when I failed my drivers test, just hope she didn't loose any teeth!

Beyonce is still one of my favorite R&B singers, even if she doesn't sing live. She's just saving her energy for the next time she falls head first, could you blame her? Would you continue lip synching after falling like Beyonce did in this video? Looks like she's trying to shake it off when she got up, just surprise her head didn't come off!

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